Hi, I’m Janet Cole, co-owner of Steel and Grain TX, along with my husband, Jay. Our journey as business owners took an unexpected turn, leading us to discover our true passions and talents.

We started our entrepreneurial journey with a gym in Peaster, TX, which we ran for five years. However, as our interests evolved and our daughter prepared for college, we decided it was time for a change. We sold the gym and embarked on new ventures: Jay with JC Handyman, showcasing his versatile handyman skills, and me with Steel and Grain TX.

Though we don’t work side by side every day like before, our partnership remains strong. You might find me helping Jay with handyman projects, or he might lend a hand with my creative endeavors.

So, what is Steel and Grain TX all about?

At Steel and Grain TX, we live by the motto “Create Beautiful Things.” Initially, my journey began with woodworking, but I soon recognized that my passion extended beyond crafting wooden pieces to embracing the world of interior design.

So… Steel and Grain TX evolved to include all things interior and decor. I specialize in transforming spaces into captivating environments, crafting exquisite furniture that seamlessly marries form and function, and curating decor that engages the senses.

My mission is clear: to bring joy and contentment through the creation of beauty. Whether it’s a cherished heirloom, a sanctuary of an interior, or decor that elevates everyday life, I believe in the power of beauty to inspire and uplift.

Join me on this creative journey, where I would be honored to have the privilege of crafting beauty and designing spaces exclusively for you.